Transportation for Michigan (Trans4M) is a statewide coalition working to create a stronger Michigan through transportation policy reform that will revitalize Michigan’s cities and towns, reconnect its people to opportunity, and spark a healthier economy.  Trans4M coalition partners include nonprofits,…



Trans4M is your place to connect with like-minded transportation advocates across Michigan. Ways to Be Involved Like us on Facebook and connect with a strong network on Trans4M supporters Follow us on Twitter and keep up with all the innovative…



Trans4M is the place in Michigan to find all the latest transportation legislation and updates from the Capitol. Trans4M staff tracks important transportation legislation from our Lansing office and attends transportation committee meetings in the House and Senate. Our members have access to…



Looking For a Few Good Interns

Trans4M is now hiring interns for this fall! Click here to learn more — applications are due Aug 8.


Lights, Camera, Transportation: Now Live!

What is your vision for public transportation in Michigan? We asked this question to Michigan residents from across the state, collecting submissions from individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences with public transportation. Walkable communities, better bike lanes, interconnected modes of…

Photo provided by Flickr account Joiseyshowa, https://www.flickr.com/photos/joiseyshowaa/7454479488/in/photolist-cmJa3q-jkMuad-3X2h3-nyTdxB-unHXr-4STFMz-7YXhdr-6r99Ud-7KLTJ3-ebYYFa-6oLHgB-4AQjyp-az2ckN-hTH9f4-6rLgu5-dreQ72-4Krva2-5iEqp-4ijQaB-5fqg2i-fXsvKb-ioBF4-8UavT3-8vYaFA-6ZQ5Nh-bs3Xj-fCC9RX-REZCd-ejfMiG-wC2Xv-7hiXLT-3CnYRz-8PVshL-6an9Q1-6hqNwX-df252q-fqeYs8-dKkcm-ajL7uF-hFGSyC-7kBnwh-9xSTCc-7SXFo4-9ziFWE-9SoVcY-2XRhH3-ceQ3p1-jbX6Fi-9igEZk-8ey5Wr

Highway Trust Fund Saved. For Now.

In the final moments leading up to the August summer recess Congress passed a piece of legislation to stop the insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund, which would have begun to affect road and transit projects across the nation as early as August 1st. Read more…

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Michigan Votes: Transit Millages on Primary Ballots Around the State

This Tuesday, August 5, many Michigan residents will vote to financially support their local transit agency. Ballot measures across the state are asking for renewals or increases in property tax millages to fund the operating costs of some of the state’s largest bus systems.

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