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Transportation for Michigan Community Forums: Help decide how Michigan Rolls

On October 26, 2011 Governor Snyder delivered a special message titled, “Reinventing Michigan’s Infrastructure: Better Roads Drive Better Jobs”. In this message, he introduced his proposed plans for the future of transportation and infrastructure.

In this midst of his speech, Gov. Snyder stated, “I fully recognize that solving this decades-long challenge will not be easy, but I am convinced that starting the conversation and debate now is absolutely necessary for the future of our economy and our quality of life. I look forward to working with the legislature, our local communities and our citizens over the next several months to develop a plan and the political will to implement it.”

When the Trans4M Coalition convened for its Meeting of the Whole on November 11, 2011 there was a clear consensus that Trans4M would make a concerted effort to hold Governor Snyder accountable for his words by creating public “conversation and debate” throughout the stat

Thus, Trans4M  has designed a series of Community Forums throughout Michigan to help guide and influence the decision making process of the Governor and State Legislature in order to enable more transportation funding, different funding priorities, and new local funding options.

Let us know if you are interested in hosting a Community Forum in your city! – email

For upcoming forums in your community, click here.


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