Thank You to the State Transportation Commission

Transportation for Michigan (Trans4M) would like to thank the State Transportation Commission (STC) for adopting a comprehensive Complete Streets policy. Trans4M is a diverse network of organizations from around the state who share a commitment to transforming our transportation system. One of our top priorities was ensuring that a strong Complete Streets policy was adopted at the state level. The STC did just that at its last meeting.

We would especially like to thank the STC for inviting and responding to public comment regarding the draft Complete Streets policy. The STC was responsive to the public’s concerns. The adopted policy is clear, specific, and includes firm timelines. It will ensure that complete streets initiatives are implemented in a meaningful way. The policy helps put us on a path of becoming a healthier Michigan by ensuring that appropriate roadways are developed with bicyclists, pedestrians, motorists, and transit riders of all ages and abilities in mind. In addition, the adopted policy provides a clear framework for collaboration between the Michigan Department of Transportation and local officials and citizens.

The policy will also help provide consistency across the state as communities adopt local Complete Streets policies. Michigan leads the nation in the number of communities which have adopted Complete Streets policies – 63 at last count. These communities now have a best practices policy to draw from. Once again, we sincerely thank you for your hard work in developing a comprehensive Complete Streets policy.

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One Comment on “Thank You to the State Transportation Commission

  1. Hello.

    In my opinion, salt used for deicing operations significantly impacts our ability to have sustainable transportation systems and negatively impacts quality of life attributes of our communities. I have many ideas on how to improve winter maintenance best practices that rely on less salt use and would like to continue involvement in this effort.


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