What’s your #t4mstory?

Governor Rick Snyder will give his third State of the State address this Wednesday, January 16th. Marking the midpoint of Governor Snyder’s term in office, he’s expected to discuss Michigan’s transportation infrastructure during his address. As the Governor discusses plans to improve roads and bridges in Michigan, you also have the opportunity to share in the dialogue about transportation in the state!

lights camera transportation logo

We invite you and all interested organizations to participate in the Lights, Camera, Transportation! Contest. Transportation is essential transportation for everyone; daily commutes connect people to places for the necessities of life. The Lights, Camera, Transportation! Contest gives all Michigan residents the opportunity to meaningfully engage in the State’s ongoing conversation about transportation.

If you’re a Michigan resident, you can join the fun. Simply share with us, through video, what’s working and what’s not working on your daily commute. You can tell us about your favorite bike path, your walk to work, or your local bus station, and we’ll make sure some of Michigan’s decision makers hear your story on the Lights, Camera, Transportation! YouTube channel. You can submit your video using Sendspace, emailing nealah@trans4m.org or sending the video to your local Trans4M “core partner”. All participants will be entered in a raffle to win one of twenty $50 gift cards.

The contest isn’t just for individuals, it’s for non-profits and companies, too. The company or non-profit that gets the most videos submitted on its behalf will win $1,000 that they can contribute to any transportation project they choose.

For contest details, visit our contest page or contact me at nealah@trans4m.org. Join us on our Lights, Camera, Transportation Facebook Event and help @t4michigan trend on Twitter with #t4mstory. Roll camera!

By: Neala Havener, Michigan Fitness Foundation (Trans4M Member)


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