The Faces of the Forums: Put Your Transportation Story on Film

In 2012 I had the pleasure of traveling all over the great state of Michigan while hosting the Transportation for Michigan Community Forums: Helping Decide How Michigan Rolls. From the highest point of the Upper Peninsula to the farthest corner of Southeast Michigan (and just about everywhere in between), we engaged Michigan citizens in meaningful conversations around transportation.

Through 18 community forums, Trans4M listened and learned as you told us your individual stories, while at the same time you joined with your neighbors to create a unified vision for the future of transportation in our state.

At the end of each forum, we called on participants to take action. You answered those calls to action by writing letters to the editor, calling your legislators, providing comments for the MDOT Long Range Plan, spreading the word about future forums, and taking part in other Trans4M related events. A little action goes a long way—that’s why we’re calling you to action once more with the Lights, Cameras, Transportation! Contest.lights camera transportation logo

By sharing your stories on camera, Michigan will be able to see the Faces of the Forums. Your faces are so important because they reflect our diverse state. Your faces tell a story that only you can tell. Your faces make it personal. Most importantly, your faces represent a shared vision for transportation.

We cannot express how excited we are in anticipation of receiving your videos. So go ahead—put your face on camera! Even if you didn’t attend the forums we still want to hear from you; every story is important. While the phrase ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ might still be reserved for Hollywood, ‘Lights Camera, Transportation!’ is reserved for you. You don’t need makeup, a director, or even a script. All you need is a camera and a willingness to share your transportation story with the world.

For more information and contest details, please visit our contest page.

By Jeremy Orr, ISAAC Community Organizer, Trans4M Member


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