MAX Transit Wins Lights, Camera, Transportation! Contest

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LANSING, MI –Transportation for Michigan is happy to announce that Macatawa Area Express Transit Authority (MAX Transit) of Holland, Michigan has won the Lights, Camera, Transportation! Video Contest. MAX Transit among other organizations answered Transportation for Michigan’s (Trans4M) call to continue the state transportation dialogue by capturing Michigan residents’ experiences on video. The Lights, Camera, Transportation Contest! received over 50 videos from Michiganders from places like Detroit, Lansing, Kalamazoo and Ann Arbor about their commutes, and Trans4M would like to share these stories with the state.

On March 18, 2013, Trans4M will launch the second phase of the Lights, Camera, Transportation! Contest by posting all video submissions on YouTube. We want these transportation stories to be heard by all and reach state decision-makers. The organization whose videos have the greatest number of views will receive a $1000 prize. Any video with a comment from an elected official will automatically add an additional 500 views to the affiliated organization’s view tally.

The Lights, Camera, Transportation! YouTube Contest is unique to Michigan and provides a platform for citizens to engage in transportation discussions with elected officials. The Trans4M coalition, which is made up of non-profits, businesses, and policy organizations around the state, wants to inform lawmakers about some of the transportation highlights or challenges facing Michigan communities. The coalition includes the Michigan Fitness Foundation, the Michigan Environmental Council, the Michigan Suburbs Alliance and others.

Trans4M’s mission is to create a stronger Michigan through transportation policy reform that will revitalize Michigan’s cities and towns, reconnect its people to opportunity, and spark a healthier economy. For full contest details, please visit

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