Tell Us Why #transitmatters To You

You may have noticed some fun graphics on our Facebook and Twitter pages over the past few days about why we think #transitmatters in Michigan.

Many Trans4M member groups have expressed concern that House Speaker Bolger’s road funding plan largely bypasses funding public transit (amounting to a minimum loss of around $31 million per year). Additionally, members have expressed that the plan—which will raise an estimated $450 million per year—is inadequate to fix Michigan’s rapidly declining transportation system, which requires annual investments of around $2 billion or more to get back into good shape.

Several have let us know why #transitmatters to them, and now we’d love to hear why it matters to you! Do you choose to use a local bus service to get to work every day? Does the Amtrak provide a calm alternative to a stress-filled drive across the state? Do your parents or grandparents use transit to visit friends or attend appointments?

Public transit and non-motorized transportation hold different benefits for different groups:

  • Community and business leaders continue to embrace transit for its economic benefits: every $10 million in capital investment in transit yields around $30 million in business sales, and every dollar a community invests in public transportation yields around $4 in economic return.
  • Four out of five older Americans in a University of Colorado study agreed that public transportation provides them with the freedom and mobility to do what they want and need such as access to medical appointments, shopping, entertainment and visits with friends and family.
  • Millenials are flocking to transit and non-motorized transportation because it provides a better connection with their community, opportunities to use digital media while traveling, money savings and better opportunities to exercise.

Here at Trans4M, we value public transit just as much as roads, bridges, trails, and bike lanes because all of these things work in tandem to create Michigan’s comprehensive transportation system.

Using the hashtag #transitmatters, comment below, tweet, instagram, post to facebook, or send me an old fashioned email about why you choose transit – videos and photos are encouraged.

Here is just a snapshot of why transit matters for Michigan:


Sharing your story lets others know why public transportation is important to Michigan beyond statistics and dry facts. Your personal post or tweet can get the momentum going towards better public transportation. We can’t wait to hear why #transitmatters to you!

Written by Liz Treutel, Trans4M Fellow



3 Comments on “Tell Us Why #transitmatters To You

  1. I gave up my car away on Earth Day 1970. The only vehicle I have owned since then is a bike. I moved to Lansing in 1975 and have never felt the need for a car. CATA gets me everywhere I need to go. I raised my daughter using public transportation and now she is doing the same with her two children. If I need to get to another city I use Amtrak or intercity bus. I have friends I met 40 years ago traveling that way and we still meet up.
    Perhaps the best part is that I was employed by Peckham Inc which helps the disabled and refugees find employment and other assistance and consumers would see me on the bus and know I understood the importance of transportation. I also had fun teaching other case managers how to ride public transportation so they too could see it is not so bad. In fact a few opted to take buses to work.
    f course, even in retirement my feet are my first mode of transportation.

  2. Suzanne – thank you for sharing this great story! These are exactly the kind of messages we were hoping to share with the #transitmatters theme. Congrats on being car-free since 1970 and for helping others understand why transit, walking and biking are such great things.

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