You Are Invited to the 2014 Transportation Odyssey!

Updated: Our schedule is now available! RSVP to attend the Odyssey stop nearest to you.

It’s that time again for the Trans4M annual Transportation Odyssey event! This two day journey tells the story of Michigan’s complete transportation system, and this year we’re going to different Michigan communities and telling a brand new story.

In 2013 Michigan Transportation Odyssey participants embarked from Traverse City on a car free journey across the state to examine the effectiveness of the statewide transportation system. They sought to answer the question: Where do those of us who choose not to drive fit into the system? The 2014 Odyssey is an entirely different kind of journey, in which participants focus on how aspects of street design and policy affect the quality of Michigan communities.


Simple elements of street design, like marked crosswalks, bike lanes, trails, or block size contribute to an environment, or a place, where people want to live, work, and play. Placemaking is increasingly accepted across the state as a method by which to increase community and economic development. On October 7th and 8th we will be traveling to a handful of communities who have successfully adapted some aspect of their design or policy to address these issues.

On the evening of Monday October October 6th we will have a kick off event in Detroit. After which we will traverse the state to see an an array of diverse and interesting communities. Along the way we will learn firsthand the value and challenges of good street design from city planners and engineers, locally elected officials, business owners, and others.

Our line up of Cities include:

  • Ferndale: Come learn how the city has embraced innovative solutions including buffered and green bike lanes and is quickly developing a comprehensive network of complete streets throughout the city
  • Brighton: This thriving downtown has incorporated elements of safe street design such as lighted crosswalks, roundabouts, and parking to promote a walkable, pedestrian friendly business district
  • Lansing: We’ll investigate how this community is using public engagement and the commitment of their elected officials to bring new road design to their region
  • Midland: This trails-friendly community has embraced their nonmotorized plan to provide new commuting and recreation options beyond driving
  • Sault Ste. Marie: Experience how this gateway town is striving to connect all of their diverse populations, including Tribal members and students, to their downtown through new street design

We invite you to attend the event closest to you and learn about how these communities have embraced smart street design to benefit their residents. More detailed information about our schedule is coming soon, so stay tuned for all the details. In the meantime, follow us on our Facebook and Twiitter pages as we use #MIOdyssey14 and #MIStreets to tell you all about our plans.

For more information, contact to learn about how you can be involved in this year’s event.

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