Odyssey 2014: What to Expect?

The Odyssey team is ready to take to the streets! This week, October 6-8, the 2014 Odyssey team is setting off to five communities across Michigan. The communities of Ferndale, Brighton, Lansing, Midland, and Sault Ste. Marie will be in the spotlight as we examine the successes and challenges faced by each region.

While the Odyssey has traditionally exposed the good and bad of traveling by public transportation across Michigan, it has left us little time to interact with the local communities along the way. This year we are traveling by bus, allowing us to incorporate plenty of time to get to know Michigan communities and the people who live there. Be a part of the Odyssey by attending the presentation at the stop nearest you. Your presence is a valuable asset to our understanding of your community, so make sure you come by this week to meet us and learn about transportation projects happening in your region.

The 2014 Odyssey is set to kick off TONIGHT, October 6, in Detroit with the Slow Roll, which is a weekly bike ride on Mondays in Detroit that anyone can take part in. The fun, light hearted atmosphere is the perfect start to a travel intensive trip. Join us for a night of casual biking and transportation conversations. You can spot us by the 2014 Odyssey Map on our bikes.

Odyssey 2014 Maps will be displayed on ours bikes during the Slow Roll in Detroit.

Odyssey 2014 Maps will be displayed on ours bikes during the Slow Roll in Detroit.

We begin our Odyssey journey on Tuesday, October 7. The Odyssey team will be traveling to three of the five Odyssey communities on this day. Day 1 of the Odyssey will examine the Complete Streets of Ferndale, the Downtown Scene in Brighton, and the use of Public Engagement in planning projects in the greater Lansing area. These communities have shown great strides in enhancing the safety of transportation, while also setting an example for successful transportation initiatives.

Day 2 will examine the Accessibility of Midland and the Connectivity in Sault Ste. Marie. Midland is a superb example of linking recreational trails to the public, making them not only for recreation but as a viable means of transportation for all users. Sault Ste. Marie, much like Midland, has successfully managed to link diverse communities of people to each other through the use of trails. These trails have linked together the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, Lake Superior State University, and city residents, enhancing the connectivity of the region.

As a coalition, it is important for Trans4M to bring our member community together. The Odyssey does just that. We have assembled an intelligent and passionate team for the 2014 Odyssey. The group will forge their way across Michigan, celebrating community successes and revealing possible improvements. The group consists of Paul Palmer (MI Developmental Disabilities Council), Norm Cox and Carolyn Prudhomme (Greenway Collaborative), Laura Padalino (PEAC), Hayley Roberts (Suburbs Alliance), Rhonda Romano (Rails to Trails Conservancy), David Sands  (Mode Shift), Tommy Allen (Tommy Allen Creative), Elizabeth Treutel (Michigan Environmental Council) and the Trans4M group of Laurel Burchfield, Elle Getschman and Hannah Lensing.

Together we will travel across the state interacting with local community members, legislators, and business owners in attempts to build a better Michigan. Join us along the way at the stop nearest you.

And even if you’re not able to join us, you can still participate in making this year’s Odyssey a success. Tommy Allen Creative will be producing a series of videos to capture these Michigan Transportation stories, and you can help by participating in our crowd funding campaign. Visit our page at patronicity.com and donate to help make our Odyssey video production a reality.

Keep up to date with the Odyssey with #MIStreets and #MIOdyssey14!

Follow us at our twitter account @T4Michigan, Facebook Page  www.facebook.com/t4michigan, and Instagram Account T4Michigan.



Written by Hannah Lensing, Trans4M Fall Intern



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