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Got a favorite bike lane in your town? Have a certain bus route that gets you to work every day? Is there a street nearby that’s in desperate need of TLC? Want faster passenger rail? Capture it on video and tell us about it.

We want to hear your transportation story, good or bad, so that we can tell a bigger story about transportation in Michigan. We’ll use the videos to help state leaders make wise decisions about Michigan’s transportation future.

Capture your transportation story on any video device and we’ll post it on our T4M Story YouTube channel.

Help us keep the transportation conversation moving with your story as we work towards a greater Michigan.

These questions can guide you as you share your vision for transportation in Michigan:

  1. How would you like to get around (commute)?
  2. What do you like/dislike about your community’s or Michigan’s transportation system? (Roads, rails, sidewalks, buses, bikeways, trails, walking paths)
  3. How you would you change your community’s or Michigan transportation system?
  4. How should these transformations be funded?
  5. If given a chance to talk with Michigan decision-makers about your transportation visions, what would you ask of them?

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Lights, Camera, Transportation! Contest

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Congratulations to our Winners!

Transportation for Michigan wants to share Michigan residents’ transportation perspectives and experiences with state decision-makers. From January to February, organizations across the state were invited to collect videos for the Lights, Camera, Transportation! Contest.

The videos from the contest, along with other Trans4M videos, are available for viewing on YouTube on the T4Mstory channel. We want to share the collected transportation stories with the public and elected officials.