Facility Siting

Help us encourage local Michigan Economic Development Corporations (EDC’s) to use Smart Growth principles for facility siting. The paving, maintenance, expansion, or construction of roads is an infrastructure cost that increases as low-density development continues in Michigan. Likewise, the cost of transportation, whether personal or public, increases as development moves further away from population centers.

Specifically, members of Trans4M intend to create criteria for facility siting that local Economic Development Corporations (EDCs) can adopt and use to guide development decisions. By engaging the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), Trans4M aims to reach local economic development corporations, boards, councils, and planning commissions throughout the state.

Trans4M is in the process of developing a set of facility siting criteria, which will offer a practical tool for decision-making groups (EDC’s) along with raising awareness about accessibility issues and roadway system impact of new developments.

Our goals:

  • Encourage EDC’s in your district to adopt and implement the criteria.
  • Support Trans4M’s efforts to develop criteria that will guide smarter facility siting in Michigan.


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