Share MI Roads

sharemiroadsEach year, approximately 2,000 bicyclists are injured in crashes in Michigan, with approximately 25 of these crashes resulting in fatalities. While engineering improvements implemented as a result of Complete Streets will help create a safer environment for bicyclists who use Michigan roads, more must be done in regards to education to help drivers better understand how to safely interact with bicyclists.

Due to time constraints within the existing drivers education curriculum, young drivers currently receive limited training on how to safely share the road with bicyclists. The Share MI Roads campaign ( is a new effort focused on developing educational resources for drivers, bicyclists, drivers education instructors, and law enforcement about reducing dangerous interactions between motorists and bicyclists.

The campaign will work to explain and publicize the rights and responsibilities of both drivers and bicyclists, with an aim at fostering good will and reducing injuries and fatalities across Michigan.

Closely related legislation the coalition advocated for at the 2013 Advocacy Day is the Vulnerable User Safety Legislation.


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